Wooly Adventures: Dumpling Kitties!

Now that i’m leaving for another job, I have mixed feelings-of course i’m happy to leave but i’m also super grateful for all the opportunities they’ve given me and how appreciated I felt there and i’m also going to miss everyone. It’s not really like school where I know after a certain period of time i’m definitely moving on, but this is more of an unexpected kind of change. Anyway, I wanted to give everyone a gift but I don’t have the time or the money for that so I got everyone Thank you cards. However, I am going to get a few people gifts because I felt like they’ve done a lot for me during my time there-my manager being one.

When I applied for my current job, I was interviewed by my manager. At one point, she ran out of questions and just asked me what my favorite animal was. I swear the answer I gave got me the job (she confirmed it!). Cats were the correct answer!! My manager loves cats. When my brother got me a set of kitty cat mugs, I sent her a picture cause I knew she would appreciate it. She sent a picture of her cat back. It only made sense to get her something cat related!

I knew I waned to crochet something so I decided on this:

I already had some experience crocheting amigurumi things but let me start off saying that I made many mistakes cause I didn’t read everything completely before diving in… LOL. Sigh.. wasted some yarn cause of it 😦

When I first looked at the pattern, these were the only supplies I started with (a needle and two balls of yarn): 19477955_10154662061396451_3189296_n

I was too focused on whether or not I had enough yarn since I wanted to use the leftover yarn I had from other projects. I didn’t bother looking at what else I needed… I was super unprepared- I needed to get my safety eyes, embroidering thread, needles, and all other stuff beforehand but I ended wasting time trying to find all these supplies during the process.


Als19489252_10154662061576451_1843569538_n.jpgo, look at my work area…what a mess. Everything was basically just thrown onto my bed, there were strands of yarn everywhere. I have a bad habit of doing everything in bed… IT’S JUST TOO COMFORTABLE!!!
Anyway, back to the project. The pattern was fairly simple. I basically messed up as soon as I started the project. I made two ears separately but I shouldn’t have done that because the second ear was supposed to be used as a way to connect to the other individual ear. I ended up having an extra ear laying around.




Everything seemed fine after the ears. It was my first time switching between colors within a pattern. At first it was kind of difficult because I wasn’t sure how to make sure that the strands wouldn’t come unraveled. It ended up fine though as you can see~~ You know what gave me the most trouble? The stupid eyes!!! So for these safety eyes, you need plastic washers to keep them in place. However, the set of eyes I bought never came with these plastic washers, so I had to figure out how to just make them stay secured. I ended up using yarn and wrapping it around the safety eyes super tight and sewing it to the inside of the kitty. It’ll look weird but hopefully it will stay put!



Here’s the kitty with all the components on the left and the completed one on the right! It’s so cuteee. So the pattern said to sew the legs one stitch apart but I read that AFTER I had sewn the legs together. I’m pretty happy at how it came out and hopefully my manager will love it!!! (She did! :D)


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