I Hate Matcha Pt. 1

Yes, I hate Matcha but I love Green Tea!! I just really dislike that bitter matcha powder taste so any desserts or sweets with Matcha in it, I stay far away from. However, I had a bag of Matcha powder at home and my mom wanted me to finish the bag. The reason I have this bag of powder because my boyfriend at the time LOVES Matcha and I made him some Matcha cheesecake for his birthday. A year later, I’m left with a bag of matcha powder.

Good thing my mom loves Matcha ice cream! We don’t have an ice cream maker at home and I think it’s pretty stupid to buy an appliance that has only one use (I agree with Alton Brown!) When I looked online for a recipe, I found a few simple 3-ingredient NO MACHINE (well no ice cream machine) recipe. I settled on this one:


What is awesome about this project is that I can finally buy myself a hand mixer!! I know my mom also wanted to buy one since she loves to make desserts so it was a win/win for the both of us. I did some research on hand mixers and I pretty much knew which one to buy right as I got into the store. It’s a plus that I had 20% off my purchase too! 😀

The only things I bought for this was heavy cream and condensed milk. I had a lot of empty ice cream containers and lots of matcha so I decided to double the recipe. I basically used all the heavy cream I bought and almost half of the condensed milk.20107866_10154721720521451_892668069_o

Let me break down the steps for you.

  1. 1. Mix matcha and hot water and then condensed milk.
  2. 2. Whip heavy cream.
  3. 3. Combine everything.
  4. 4. Freeze


Wasn’t that soo easy?? Like I have no complaints really about the steps because they were super simple.

19897912_10154721720356451_875296077_oIt looked exactly like ice cream! The only problem was that no one thought it tasted like ice cream 😦

20067564_10154727659741451_1187278886_n.jpgPeople said that the ice cream itself was also pretty powdery which isn’t good… but I decided to try it again with chocolate. I found a huge bar of Hershey’s Milk Chocolate with almonds. I melted the chocolate in the microwave until it was smooth and combined it with some condensed milk… however, I guess the chocolate was too hot and started caramelizing the condensed milk turning it into a chocolately caramelly mess. I think I ended up just microwaving it again so it melted before I poured it into the whipped heavy cream. The taste of this was pretty light 20050272_10154721720206451_1731503930_obut it wasn’t bad. I am just not a big ice cream person so it’s going to be hard to eat all of the ice cream at home. Also, since I used this method of making ice cream, the ice cream itself will be heavier than the one used with a machine- another reason to be hesitant in eating all of it.

Overall, I think my ice creams turned out looking very nice even if it didn’t win many fans. I would try to make more but I need to finish the ones in my fridge before I make a bunch…


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