Happy Labor Day! I’ve still got a few hours til today ends 😛

Since it’s a three day weekend, I decided to put my time into good use and get off my butt like I said I would. My plans was to make Macarons or Macaroons- i’m not sure which word I should be using but i’m referring to the cute little french ones and not the coconut ones. I also made Sujebi but that’s for another post!! 🙂

Let me start off by saying that initially I was going to spread out the items I wanted to make throughout the entire weekend but it ended up being that I made Maracons and Sujebi in the same day-which was not a great idea since I got so tired but I realized that I think it caused me to be a faster cook. So, there also not many pictures but the ones I do have are the ones my cousin took and thank god she did because if she wasn’t there, there would be absolutely no pictures. It’s so hard to cook and take good pictures at the same time!!

This was the recipe I used:

Everything was very simple and the only thing I really had to buy was confectioner sugar and almond flour. Side note- Caster sugar is just regular granulated sugar. The thing that took the most time for us was sifting the sugar and the black sesame powder- probably because my strainer/sifter thing is so bad. Another thing was that there was a lot of waiting- we basically followed everything she wrote to the letter. Including waiting 2 hours for the macaron shell to dry before baking.

This wasn’t the only sheet we baked and although they seem to be sized uniformly, let me tell you- the first try was not… AT ALL. It could also be why these macarons look more like cookies than anything. My Macarons also didn’t grow the little feeties that they are supposed to have. Somewhere online, it said that it could be because we left it to dry for too long but I won’t know until I try to make more in the future, which I definitely plan to do.

The filling is also pretty simple, just honey, sugar, and black sesame powder. I feel like the filling is a bit too sweet for me but it might be because there is too much honey in it. I think overall, I feel fairly happy with how well they all turned out. Putting them in the fridge for a bit is also super helpful to make it seem more Macaron like. It kept everything in place since normally, the outer shells would still move around despite the filling.

For the next time, I think I have to read up on how long to wait for the shell to dry, and how to ensure that they grow little feeties next time. Will also probably adjust the sweetness in the filling. Wish me luck!


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