Pork Katsu-Done!

Heyy! I just had the best day I’ve had in the longest time. I’m feeling super happy and full of high school girl giggles. However, this blog is not the place for all those feelings as much as I want to just talk about everything that happened today! It’s nothing major, just a great day.

Anyway! I had so much ramen this weekend- went to a Ramen Festival that was part of Japan Fest! It was delicious. I LOVE YUME WO KATARE. They made a lobster ramen just for this festival and it was my favorite one. I didn’t try all of them but I def wanted to go back for more of the ramen one. It was a pretty welcome change from what I’ve been having for lunch every single day of this week (except for Thursday).

Which brings us to this post- I’ve had pork katsudon practically all week and by Thursday I was sick and tired of it. Not that it wasn’t any good- it was pretty good. I just wanted and craved something different. I was craving pork katsudon last weekend and decided to just make a bunch for the week cause ya know, saving money and what not. I found this recipe:


It was super easy that I was sooo surprised how well it turned out! The only thing I bought for this was the pork and some panko. I had everything else but to be perfectly honest, I just forgot to buy the chicken broth… and I was too lazy to go back to buy it.

This was the first time I breaded anything or fried anything! It was funn!! I think when I was frying the cutlets, I did burn a few pieces. But! They only looked burnt, it didn’t taste burnt what so ever.

I fried all pieces and cooked them with eggs and onions the night before for lunch. So as you all know- I was lazy and didn’t get chicken broth and I thought maybe hey, what about a miso base?? The first time I made this, in went the onions then the miso, soy sauce and sugar sauce. Then goes the sliced pork katsu and then topped with some eggs. I should’ve known that this would come out super salty because duh- miso and soy sauce are both kinda salty tasting.

The next time I changed it up. Instead of Miso, I had the chicken bouillon powder. I mixed that with some water, added the soy sauce, and sugar. It turned out perfect! It somehow felt like I added some cooking wine to the dish because it had that smell but I didn’t which was surprising as well. IMG_4352

Here’s the finish picture above! I can’t take a great picture with my damn phone and the lighting sucks but it’s the best I’ve got. It goes great with Sapporo 🙂

I think I’ve satisfied my katsudon craving for a while now though…


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