It’s Galbitang Weather!

Helloooo~~ The weather here in New York has been so weird- it’s been super warm and then cool. However, since it’s fall it is definitely soup weather! I basically made Galbitang (Beef Short Rib soup) the last two weekends. This started when I wanted to make Bone Broth and I was getting ready to buy the ingredients. My cousin wanted something Korean and since my dad can’t eat anything spicy- I settled on Galbitang.

This was my first time buying meat at the supermarket. I usually go to the Asian supermarkets and since i’m nervous about speaking in Chinese, I try to avoid it even though I know speaking English is perfectly fine too…But! I got three pounds of beef short ribs and bought some Daikon cause i’ve got everything else I needed at home.

Since I spent two weeks making the same thing- I used two different methods for it. The first week, I made it over the stove top with this recipe:

The second week, I used the pressure cooker since I wasn’t going to be at home for an extended period of time. I used these two recipes just to get an understanding of what I should be doing:

Like all the recipes I pick out- this was pretty simple, just time consuming. The recipe mentioned something about soup soy sauce… and I thought that was just watery soy sauce but apparently it’s an actual thing. However, I learned that I could just substitute fish sauce.

Here’s the run down of what you need to do:

  1. Soak that meat for an hour, get the blood out of it- change the water when you can.
  2. Blanch (?)/ cook the meat for like ten minutes in boiling water before taking it out.
  3. Stick everything in a huge pot of water (except for noodles, you cook that separately).
  4. Wait.
  5. Eat.

That’s essentially it. I definitely liked the one I made on the stove top more than the one in the pressure cooker. There are a few reasons for that- mainly I forgot to add in the fish sauce and the garlic BUT I tried it again with the pressure cooker and I’m not sure- I just feel like I had more control with the one on the stove top and will definitely be willing to wait the 4-5 hours to make this in the future.


The final dish after the stove cooked Galbitang was done was delicious and the eggs were an added step I took from a Maangchi recipe. I used rice noodles cause it was the only thing I really had at home. I tried to bring some to work but it’s a pain in the ass to bring soup to work for lunch…. šŸ˜¦

I’ve got to say though- I was super proud of this dish cause of all the time spent making it. I spent a lot time with the cream puffs but I didn’t feel as proud as I did with this. I think I will try to make more complicated dish going forward (well not too complicated, i’m not that fancy). šŸ˜‰


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