Bulgogi Dupbap aka Soy Garlic Beef over Rice!

It’s a bit past mid-October now which means Halloween is coming! I feel like starting this year I want to be able to get more into the Halloween spirit. Although my costume this year is only one of the onsies that I own (a panda or a dinosaur), I think next year I do want to put more thought into my costume AND maybe try a bit of cosplaying- in case I decide to go to Comic Con.

Last time, not only did I make Galbitang, but I also ended up making Soy Garlic Beef. I referred to my trusty book- Cook Korean! by Robin Ha for the recipe. When I went to the supermarket to buy the beef, I asked the butcher for half a pound of meat but he ended up giving me 2 pounds! Additionally, I bought the wrong type of meat! The recipe asked for thin slices of beef but mine was a huge chunk! What I ended up doing was just cutting the chunks into smaller pieces.

What is super helpful though is that the marinade has ingredients that helps tenderize the meat a lot faster. The marinade included- kiwi (which is super helpful in tenderizing), onion, garlic, ginger, soy sauce, sugar, pepper, and sesame oil. What I didn’t like about this recipe was that it told me I needed soju (which I didn’t have but used some other cooking wine) but it never told me when to use it! I added it to the marinade instead.

After marinading for 3 hours ( I don’t remember what I did in the time I was waiting for it to marinade), the rest of the cooking was super easy. Stir frying everything else that the recipe called for (ie, scallions, onions, mushrooms and the marinated meat) and then put that on top of a bowl of delicious rice!


This was the only picture that I was able to get. The meat was super tender and I could kind of taste the kiwi. The meat was a bit sweat though- I didn’t hate it but I didn’t love it. I’m not sure how many recipes I tried in her book, but I don’t think this is one I would try again… UNLESS I get the right type of meat, maybe that will change everything and change my opinion on this dish. I think part of the reason why I also didn’t like this recipe was the fact that it didn’t tell me what to do with the Soju! It could be because I got this book before it was published? Maybe? I just know it was for the editors at my old job to review.

Until next time! I’ve been posting so many food posts- hopefully I post some more variety soon. I’ve got a few projects lined up! 🙂


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