Monkeying Around!

Woop wooop! My lovely friend, Dr. Wormie (who’ve I’ve mentioned in my Worm Mama post) was born in the year of the monkey and her birthday was at the end of September. I started this crochet monkey way before her birthday but I ended up finishing it and giving it to her two weeks late.


I found this pattern from one of my favorite crochet bloggers, Stephanie ( She created this monkey pattern for Chinese new years:

The one pictured here is one I actually made for my dad a while back. I believe this was the second amigurumi that I made with one of her patterns. I made the dragon one first for an ex boyfriend but I forgot to take a picture then.

This time, I used a different yarn because I couldn’t find the one the pattern called for. 😦 The new yarn was  bit thicker and the color a bit lighter. I think also because of the type of hook that I used (I used a hook that was a bit bigger) the monkey ended up being a bit bigger than the first one i’ve made.

The reason I like going on Stephanie’s site for patterns is because she makes things pretty easy to understand and all of her patterns are adorable. I made a beanie from one of her patterns before and I loved it- I’m planning on making a sweater with a pattern she will be uploading soon! 😀



Anyway, usually  I finish these crochet projects fairly quickly but this one took a bit longer probably because I was out a lot more and had no time at home to crochet. I thought it would be a bit easier to handle the wiring this time, but it was just as hard since I still wasn’t used to using wires. However, I am still pretty happy with how the monkey came out. Dr. Wormie loved it too! I had no time to make the banana but that’s okay! It leaves the monkey’s hand free to hug 🙂


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