Sibling Pizza Night!

Last week, I wrote about making the Gotcha pork roast and I had a lot of left over potato mash, so I made croquettes but I don’t have any pictures of it and it was alright- nothing to get excited about so i’m going to write about pizza!

My brother came back home from college and we decided to make something together and it ended up being pizza!

We even made the dough from scratch using this recipe:
It was super simple and we already had everything in our kitchen. All we really needed to buy were the toppings.

Playing with the dough was pretty fun, it was enough dough to make four personal pizzas and I didn’t manage to get a picture of my pizza after it was baked but let me tell you- it was beautiful and delicious! 😀

To be fair, I don’t really have much else to say about this recipe- it was straight forward and the only hard part about making pizza in general is the dough so once that was done, the rest was fun decorating and personalizing our own personal pizzas.

I made this a second time with my mom and let it sit for much longer but it was still great- i’m not sure how close this is to authentic pizza but either way it makes for a fun and easy dinner. 🙂


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