Black Bean Noodles-Delish!


Recently, whenever i’ve been craving food, I just decide that i’ll make that dish that weekend. That was the case for Black Bean Noodles or Black Bean Sauce Noodles, however you want to call them. I was deciding between the Korean version (Jajangmyeon) or the Chinese version (Zha Jiang Mian). I still don’t really know the difference between the two but I will eventually because although I made one version, I will make the other version later on!

I ended up just making the Chinese version because from what I read, I seemed to have been craving the Chinese one more (although I forgot exactly what made them different…haha).

I found this nice recipe:

Super simple! I realize that many of the recipes i’ve found were all easy because i’m not a professional chef, who has the time or the equipment to do all the complicated cooking? Besides, simple foods are also super delicious!

Anyway, I had everything I needed at home- I already had some pork belly and even the sweet bean sauce that they mentioned! I ended up using the rest of the jar but totally worth. Following the recipe was pretty straightforward. The only thing I didn’t like about it was that it didn’t tell me anything about what the consistency of the sauce should be. It looked a bit too watery, so on my own accord, I added some cornstarch. It didn’t really help with making it thicker but I think maybe it is supposed to be quite watery… Not sure…

I was also afraid it would end up being super salty-but surprisingly, it wasn’t. It wasn’t bland or overly salty- just perfect. Even my dad who likes his food blander and is a bit sensitive to salty foods, said it was good! πŸ™‚

The next time, will definitely try out the Korean version. Unfortunately, I did take a few pictures but they were all snap chats so they disappeared… Sorry!! I said I was really bad at taking pictures for these things D:


Pork Katsu-Done!

Heyy! I just had the best day I’ve had in the longest time. I’m feeling super happy and full of high school girl giggles. However, this blog is not the place for all those feelings as much as I want to just talk about everything that happened today! It’s nothing major, just a great day.

Anyway! I had so much ramen this weekend- went to a Ramen Festival that was part of Japan Fest! It was delicious. I LOVE YUME WO KATARE. They made a lobster ramen just for this festival and it was my favorite one. I didn’t try all of them but I def wanted to go back for more of the ramen one. It was a pretty welcome change from what I’ve been having for lunch every single day of this week (except for Thursday).

Which brings us to this post- I’ve had pork katsudon practically all week and by Thursday I was sick and tired of it. Not that it wasn’t any good- it was pretty good. I just wanted and craved something different. I was craving pork katsudon last weekend and decided to just make a bunch for the week cause ya know, saving money and what not. I found this recipe:

It was super easy that I was sooo surprised how well it turned out! The only thing I bought for this was the pork and some panko. I had everything else but to be perfectly honest, I just forgot to buy the chicken broth… and I was too lazy to go back to buy it.

This was the first time I breaded anything or fried anything! It was funn!! I think when I was frying the cutlets, I did burn a few pieces. But! They only looked burnt, it didn’t taste burnt what so ever.

I fried all pieces and cooked them with eggs and onions the night before for lunch. So as you all know- I was lazy and didn’t get chicken broth and I thought maybe hey, what about a miso base?? The first time I made this, in went the onions then the miso, soy sauce and sugar sauce. Then goes the sliced pork katsu and then topped with some eggs. I should’ve known that this would come out super salty because duh- miso and soy sauce are both kinda salty tasting.

The next time I changed it up. Instead of Miso, I had the chicken bouillon powder. I mixed that with some water, added the soy sauce, and sugar. It turned out perfect! It somehow felt like I added some cooking wine to the dish because it had that smell but I didn’t which was surprising as well.Β IMG_4352

Here’s the finish picture above! I can’t take a great picture with my damn phone and the lighting sucks but it’s the best I’ve got. It goes great with Sapporo πŸ™‚

I think I’ve satisfied my katsudon craving for a while now though…

Suje-what? Sujebi!

Living at home definitely has it’s ups and downs. The positives are that the rent is super cheap, I don’t usually have to do my own laundry, and I get to eat delicious home cooked meals. I do cook for myself sometimes but usually no one in my family really wants to try my food. So, it was pretty annoying when my mother asked me why I never cook for my dad (she’s almost never home cause of working late nights). However, I did cook a meal for him this past Labor Day weekend since I was planning on cooking anyway. There!

Thank you again to Ms. Robin Ha and her cookbook, Cook Korean! I picked another recipe from her book to try out and I picked one that wasn’t spicy because my dad doesn’t like to eat spicy foods. The reason I picked this dish is because there is this Hot Pot buffet place in Flushing called Spring Shabu Shabu and I love their Sujebi there and it inspired me to make my own.

Sujebi is basically hand torn noodles, they aren’t uniform and each little nugget have it’s own shape and size that gives the dish some personality. My cousin helped me with this dish again and she was also my photographer as per usual. Β It was also my very first time kneading dough! It was super fun and I thought my little dough ball came out adorable and awesome. πŸ™‚

The recipe was super easy to make and very easy to customize to your own preferences. Oh! Before I get into what we decided to put into our Sujebi broth, the base of the soup requires Anchovies- which I still haven’t handled. So I went to H-Mart to try and find myself some dried Anchovies but found something even better!!!! They had… prepackaged dried Anchovies+dried kelp in those tea bags JUST FOR MAKING BROTH!!!!

Okay, okay- back to the broth. We added some napa cabbage, bacon (the recipe was all veggies), onions, scallions, and some potatoes.Β IMG_4329

The funnest part would be adding the noodles to the broth. I split the dough ball in half so that my cousin and I could add them into the pot. We basically tore small pieces of the dough and tossed them in. They don’t look like the ones I ate at Spring Shabu Shabu but it does look more authentic. Since my cousin and I like spicy foods, we served my dad first before adding some gochugang (red chilli paste- I believe) and some red chilli flakes into the wok.

My dad enjoyed it and i’m super happy about that! He did think the noodles were a bit tough-which I agree with since the noodle pieces were a bit thick. I’m not entirely sure if I did that noodle tearing thing correctly though but maybe next time i’ll try to make the flakes a bit thinner. πŸ™‚


Happy Labor Day! I’ve still got a few hours til today ends πŸ˜›

Since it’s a three day weekend, I decided to put my time into good use and get off my butt like I said I would. My plans was to make Macarons or Macaroons- i’m not sure which word I should be using but i’m referring to the cute little french ones and not the coconut ones. I also made Sujebi but that’s for another post!! πŸ™‚

Let me start off by saying that initially I was going to spread out the items I wanted to make throughout the entire weekend but it ended up being that I made Maracons and Sujebi in the same day-which was not a great idea since I got so tired but I realized that I think it caused me to be a faster cook. So, there also not many pictures but the ones I do have are the ones my cousin took and thank god she did because if she wasn’t there, there would be absolutely no pictures. It’s so hard to cook and take good pictures at the same time!!

This was the recipe I used:Β

Everything was very simple and the only thing I really had to buy was confectioner sugar and almond flour. Side note- Caster sugar is just regular granulated sugar. The thing that took the most time for us was sifting the sugar and the black sesame powder- probably because my strainer/sifter thing is so bad. Another thing was that there was a lot of waiting- we basically followed everything she wrote to the letter. Including waiting 2 hours for the macaron shell to dry before baking.

This wasn’t the only sheet we baked and although they seem to be sized uniformly, let me tell you- the first try was not… AT ALL. It could also be why these macarons look more like cookies than anything. My Macarons also didn’t grow the little feeties that they are supposed to have. Somewhere online, it said that it could be because we left it to dry for too long but I won’t know until I try to make more in the future, which I definitely plan to do.

The filling is also pretty simple, just honey, sugar, and black sesame powder. I feel like the filling is a bit too sweet for me but it might be because there is too much honey in it. I think overall, I feel fairly happy with how well they all turned out. Putting them in the fridge for a bit is also super helpful to make it seem more Macaron like. It kept everything in place since normally, the outer shells would still move around despite the filling.

For the next time, I think I have to read up on how long to wait for the shell to dry, and how to ensure that they grow little feeties next time. Will also probably adjust the sweetness in the filling. Wish me luck!

Ribs with the Brother

Hey! So I didn’t write anything last week. I was super excited for my new laptop and wanted to use that instead so I pushed it off. However, the laptop I bought isn’t the best or the fastest it seems but hopefully it lasts me long enough until I build my own desktop! Well, that’s the plan anyway.

I didn’t plan on making ribs but since my brother was home from school, he wanted to do something and we ended up deciding to make ribs. He found a recipe that lets us cook ribs in about an hour because I’ve only made them in a slow cooker. This is a pretty short post too since the recipe was super easy to follow.

Here are the ingredients that we used and the final results:

I would include a link but my brother didn’t send it to me like Β I asked! Basically, we preheated our toaster oven (i’m loving the toaster oven but do wish it was bigger) stuck the ribs on and pour about half the sauce we made with the ingredients above and cooked for a bit. Halfway through, we flipped the meat and pour the rest of the sauce in to let it cook thoroughly. I was a bit skeptical at first because I was afraid it wouldn’t cook completely through but it did and in about an hour! If I had known that, I probably would have cooked it that way to begin with- not to say I didn’t enjoy cooking with a slow cooker.

Labor day weekend is coming up, so I think i’ll get off my lazy ass and actually make a more complicated dish. I haven’t been doing that and a few of my projects have stalled because of Running Man and Infinity Challenge. Ugh, binge watching TV shows will be the end of me….

Stitch Fixings #3

Thank god for TMobile Tuesdays. Imagine my surprise when I see that they were giving out a $25 credit for Stitch Fix! It is totally worth it in my opinion because just the styling fee is $20 if you don’t get anything at all and considering how i’ve only bought items on the cheaper side, the entire $25 would then go towards whatever I purchase!!

Alrightyyy! Let’s start with those shoes. I was looking for some summer shoes that were not flats because I am getting sick of getting flats tan every single summer… lol. I forgot to mention that I wasn’t looking for high heeled shoes but that’s what they sent me. They were pretty uncomfortable to wear and I didn’t think they were super pretty so they were a no.

The image with my hand on my belly is mainly for the pants. They were kinda comfortable but they felt very much like sweats and I wasn’t really into that because I can probably get black sweats for cheaper elsewhere…Although… they don’t look very much like sweats in that picture. Maybe I should have given it more thought… hm…

So the black tank with the stripes were the only thing I kept because I liked it. It was pretty simple and it fit very well and as you all know, i’ve had a lot of trouble with getting clothes from Stitch Fix that fit well! Another plus was that it was only $9 after the credit! πŸ™‚

Very last image includes two items that I received- the tank inside and the jacket. Let me just say that I was not very impressed with the tank top inside- I have nothing else to say about it besides I didn’t keep it. However!! I LOVED THE JACKET!! I forgot what it’s called and I really wish Stitch Fix kept a record online with what you received. So the reason they gave me a jacket was because I wanted a light jacket to wear in the summer for the subways and for the office whenever I get super cold. The jacket itself was super soft and pretty light but the only reason I couldn’t get it or refused to get it was the price- what’s new right?

Good thing is, i’m going to try and find that card they include in each box just to get the name of the jacket and then try to find something similar at Macy’s/ Jcpenney. Wish me luck!!!

I hope TMobile gives out another Stitch Fix reward on Tuesday. πŸ™‚


8.6.17 July 2017

It’s only 4:50PM and I feel super tired. Mainly because of the delicious lunch I had today at Szechuan Mountain House, once I got home- I slept for two hours and feel like I need more.

Business first- I am pretty disappointed at myself for not writing the last two weeks. I have a few ideas of what to write but I just haven’t had the time to actually write. July has been a pretty busy month for me and my planner has been the most filled up i’ve ever seen it.

I started this post in July but after July passed, I needed to change it up a bit since it wasn’t super relevant in my opinion. I feel like July of 2017 will be a month that is super important to me- even if I won’t necessarily remember what happened in the future. In my 23 years, I don’t think i’ve come out of my comfort zone and tried many new things.

After my breakup with JS, I felt really unhappy with myself and needed to learn how to be okay with being by myself. I joined a volleyball league by myself, which I am enjoying even though my team isn’t great- we are improving every week. I’ve been going out more, went to my first comedy show (for a coworker!), first open mic, drank the most i’ve ever did in two weeks. I still wish that we didn’t have to drink to socialize but i am also feeling more social and more willing to do things/ less afraid to try these things.

This blog isn’t really meant for me to rant about my private life, but I am happy where I am at the moment and thought it was an important thing to chronicle. Not necessarily for whoever is reading this, but for myself. However, I’ve got some more posts coming so keep an eye out for that!  ❀


I Hate Matcha Pt. 1

Yes, I hate Matcha but I love Green Tea!! I just really dislike that bitter matcha powder taste so any desserts or sweets with Matcha in it, I stay far away from. However, I had a bag of Matcha powder at home and my mom wanted me to finish the bag. The reason I have this bag of powder because my boyfriend at the time LOVES Matcha and I made him some Matcha cheesecake for his birthday. A year later, I’m left with a bag of matcha powder.Read More »

Wooly Adventures: Dumpling Kitties!

Now that i’m leaving for another job, I have mixed feelings-of course i’m happy to leave but i’m also super grateful for all the opportunities they’ve given me and how appreciated I felt there and i’m also going to miss everyone. It’s not really like school where I know after a certain period of time i’m definitely moving on, but this is more of an unexpected kind of change. Anyway, I wanted to give everyone a gift but I don’t have the time or the money for that so I got everyone Thank you cards. However, I am going to get a few people gifts because I felt like they’ve done a lot for me during my time there-my manager being one.

When I applied for my current job, I was interviewed by my manager. At one point, she ran out of questions and just asked me what my favorite animal was. I swear the answer I gave got me the job (she confirmed it!). Cats were the correct answer!! My manager loves cats. When my brother got me a set of kitty cat mugs, I sent her a picture cause I knew she would appreciate it. She sent a picture of her cat back. It only made sense to get her something cat related!

I knew I waned to crochet something so I decided on this: More »

Stitch Fixings #2~


After the first Stitch Fix shipment, I wanted to try it one more time and it finally came! I was super excited to see what I was getting and I thought that my stylist would be the same as the first time, but it wasn’t. I would assume they would try to keep the same stylist throughout someone’s Stitch Fix journey cause the stylist would grow to know your style personally, but I guess I was wrong. Or maybe my stylist just didn’t like me. LOL

Once again, I just really liked the packaging and how all the stylists are so great at organizing everything to look so neat!

This time, I didn’t take a picture of all the items I received. Instead, I took pictures of me wearing the items.


I actually really liked a few of these. The pants were awesome! They fit really well unlike the first pair I received and it would definitely be something I would wear. However, it was too expensive and I am pretty sure I can find something similar in Macys/JcPenneys/etc.

The white and blue shirt was too big. I feel like their clothing are just too big for me, although there are a few that fits pretty well, like the dark blue one right after, a large majority of the clothing I received don’t fit well. Which is why I was surprised when the next shirt I tried on, the dark blue one, fit super well! I really liked it and thought about buying it but again, the price just turned me off. I remember seeing something similar on Macy’s but it was white and i’m sure Macy’s would have something similar anyway so I returned that as well. The last top I got… I disliked a lot. At first, when I looked at the list of items that came with the box, I thought I would like the last top because it looked so soft and looked completely different than the actual item. The material was stiffer than I thought and it just wasn’t a great fit on me or a great cut in my opinion (I hope cut means the style of the top…) LOL

So far every time they sent me a box, I get a necklace. This time I got a choker and I liked it! It’s pretty simple and not too flashy. Additionally, it was affordable!! So I kept it. I just need to feel comfortable wearing it in general since I don’t normally wear jewelry. Maybe i’ll start at my new job!!

This will probably be my last time trying out Stitch Fix, everything was just too expensive and although I would like the items, I can’t bring myself to purchase them. Additionally, I feel like it’s hard for them to pinpoint my exact size, which makes it difficult to find clothes that fit well. It was fun though! I have some ideas of what I would look for now when I go shopping and who knows, maybe I will try again later on! πŸ™‚