Stitch Fixings #3

Thank god for TMobile Tuesdays. Imagine my surprise when I see that they were giving out a $25 credit for Stitch Fix! It is totally worth it in my opinion because just the styling fee is $20 if you don’t get anything at all and considering how i’ve only bought items on the cheaper side, the entire $25 would then go towards whatever I purchase!!

Alrightyyy! Let’s start with those shoes. I was looking for some summer shoes that were not flats because I am getting sick of getting flats tan every single summer… lol. I forgot to mention that I wasn’t looking for high heeled shoes but that’s what they sent me. They were pretty uncomfortable to wear and I didn’t think they were super pretty so they were a no.

The image with my hand on my belly is mainly for the pants. They were kinda comfortable but they felt very much like sweats and I wasn’t really into that because I can probably get black sweats for cheaper elsewhere…Although… they don’t look very much like sweats in that picture. Maybe I should have given it more thought… hm…

So the black tank with the stripes were the only thing I kept because I liked it. It was pretty simple and it fit very well and as you all know, i’ve had a lot of trouble with getting clothes from Stitch Fix that fit well! Another plus was that it was only $9 after the credit! 🙂

Very last image includes two items that I received- the tank inside and the jacket. Let me just say that I was not very impressed with the tank top inside- I have nothing else to say about it besides I didn’t keep it. However!! I LOVED THE JACKET!! I forgot what it’s called and I really wish Stitch Fix kept a record online with what you received. So the reason they gave me a jacket was because I wanted a light jacket to wear in the summer for the subways and for the office whenever I get super cold. The jacket itself was super soft and pretty light but the only reason I couldn’t get it or refused to get it was the price- what’s new right?

Good thing is, i’m going to try and find that card they include in each box just to get the name of the jacket and then try to find something similar at Macy’s/ Jcpenney. Wish me luck!!!

I hope TMobile gives out another Stitch Fix reward on Tuesday. 🙂



Stitch Fixings #2~


After the first Stitch Fix shipment, I wanted to try it one more time and it finally came! I was super excited to see what I was getting and I thought that my stylist would be the same as the first time, but it wasn’t. I would assume they would try to keep the same stylist throughout someone’s Stitch Fix journey cause the stylist would grow to know your style personally, but I guess I was wrong. Or maybe my stylist just didn’t like me. LOL

Once again, I just really liked the packaging and how all the stylists are so great at organizing everything to look so neat!

This time, I didn’t take a picture of all the items I received. Instead, I took pictures of me wearing the items.


I actually really liked a few of these. The pants were awesome! They fit really well unlike the first pair I received and it would definitely be something I would wear. However, it was too expensive and I am pretty sure I can find something similar in Macys/JcPenneys/etc.

The white and blue shirt was too big. I feel like their clothing are just too big for me, although there are a few that fits pretty well, like the dark blue one right after, a large majority of the clothing I received don’t fit well. Which is why I was surprised when the next shirt I tried on, the dark blue one, fit super well! I really liked it and thought about buying it but again, the price just turned me off. I remember seeing something similar on Macy’s but it was white and i’m sure Macy’s would have something similar anyway so I returned that as well. The last top I got… I disliked a lot. At first, when I looked at the list of items that came with the box, I thought I would like the last top because it looked so soft and looked completely different than the actual item. The material was stiffer than I thought and it just wasn’t a great fit on me or a great cut in my opinion (I hope cut means the style of the top…) LOL

So far every time they sent me a box, I get a necklace. This time I got a choker and I liked it! It’s pretty simple and not too flashy. Additionally, it was affordable!! So I kept it. I just need to feel comfortable wearing it in general since I don’t normally wear jewelry. Maybe i’ll start at my new job!!

This will probably be my last time trying out Stitch Fix, everything was just too expensive and although I would like the items, I can’t bring myself to purchase them. Additionally, I feel like it’s hard for them to pinpoint my exact size, which makes it difficult to find clothes that fit well. It was fun though! I have some ideas of what I would look for now when I go shopping and who knows, maybe I will try again later on! 🙂


Stitch Fixings~


Part of the goal of this summer project is to try to get out of my comfort zone as well. This includes trying new pieces of clothing that I would probably never wear, or just clothes that I should wear more often (ie., dresses, heels, etc.)


My current fashion style is summed up perfectly with hoodies and jeans. I have a few dresses that I rarely wear and I have a few button ups but it never feels right to wear them (or I just don’t know how to wear it so I don’t look like it’s eating me). So, I decided to try StitchFix. It’s basically a service that sends you five items to try and if you can return as many items as you want and buy only whichever ones you like.

My first fix came and just look at how nice that packaging is! I didn’t want to even touch it because of how neat everything was. I also really like that they added a list of what clothing they’ve included and give you options as to how you could wear it with other types of clothing. Very helpful, especially when I go shopping cause now i’ll kind of have an idea of what to look for.

I received a dress, two shirts, a pair of pants, and a necklace. The picture is horrible because I didn’t want to take a picture of every single piece and most of the items are just one color so I don’t think it really mattered how I took a picture but we’ll see when I get my next fix.18834593_10154605548096451_432407356_n

My favorite was the dress! It was soo comfy and soft but it did feel a bit too big and baggy-when i leaned over, it does def give people a chance to look down my dress. The white/plaid shirt didn’t fit me well, especially when it came to the chest area. I’m not sure I like the design in general (I told the stylist I liked plaid but this is not the plaid i like). There was another blue shirt that fit perfectly on me and friends said it was cute but I didn’t love it. I’m do want to try new items but this doesn’t make me want to wear it if I bought it and considering these items are $38-$48 each- I better be wearing them. I really liked the pants-I have a pair of jeans in the same color! The waist fit perfectly but everything else didn’t! So it just looked super baggy and loose and definitely getting returned. The necklace was nice too, i like how simple it was but I felt like it was too long-maybe if it was long enough to go around my head twice I would have considered keeping it.

I’m excited to see what the next set of 5 items i’m getting. I basically returned all the items I got this time cause they didn’t fit me at basically. I returned every single item (definitely not folded as nicely as it got to me) that I got this time but it’s okay, the more the stylist knows what I like- the easier it probably will be to get things I will decide to keep!

Fingers crossed! Updates to follow! I am probably only going to do it twice, considering how much each piece of clothing did cost. I’m sure it would be an interesting experience though.