3.10.17 New Year New Me.

Tomorrow is daylight savings? I’m going to be losing an hour of sleep tonight but i’m still writing this post.

Starting with the negatives just to get it out of the way- my mother this morning said I was “很随便”- she basically called me easy. This was just because i’m hanging out with my male friends one on one and I am not trying to get a boyfriend- which the parents are pressuring me to get. It was upsetting because does she even know me? Not going to spend too long on this cause she apologized so moving on!

I was showing a friend of mine a picture of the White Castle burgers I made a while back (here). After that, I started to just reread all of my old posts – even the ones i’ve privated and locked with a password. They are soo cringeworthy and I can’t believe I wrote some of the stuff I wrote. I guess those were all during that time before, during and after my relationship with JS. What the hell was I thinking.

Anyway, I realized that I def wrote a lot more and with more details in my earlier posts. I think i’m just getting lazy. Teehee…

I think I went off topic, but my main point of writing this post was to just remind myself about my goals for this year. It’s a post about New Years resolution three months late. Don’t blame me! I was on a trip to South East Asia in January so I had no time. Here are my list of goals this year:

  1. Cook a lot more.
  2. Learn Korean.
  3. Exercise more.
  4. Start an Etsy store.

I can say confidently that I have been cooking a lot more! In the month of February, I tried to eat healthier by cutting out Dairy, Gluten, processed goods, and added sugar. Not to lost any weight but just to see if it makes me feel better and first off, I am so proud of myself that I actually stuck to it and although i’m sure I didn’t 100% stick to it cause something probably slipped by without me knowing, I made conscious decisions to consume foods that fit those parameters. Although I couldn’t eat all the foods that I loved, I did not eat like a rabbit and made me experiment with different recipes to make delicious and healthier foods.

I think February was just a great month for me, I even started taking Korean classes! I think today was my 5 or 6th class today (I skipped last week… shhh). I also exercised almost every day and if I couldn’t I worked on my flexibility. I just wanted to be active a bit. The only thing I wasn’t able to really start on was the Etsy store. However, I do want to start on it soon- I have a project that I need to finish by the end of the month which will help start that but I have yet to start it…

I can also feel myself getting lazier, I miss all the food that I couldn’t eat in February so even though i’m going to continue the diet, it’s only on the weekdays and if my company has free food- i’m going to eat that despite the diet restrictions. I’m trying blogilate’s 28 day PIIT but it’s also super hard. With cooking and classes and just all the things I want to do I feel like I have less time to exercise. The thing is, that means I would have to wake up even earlier- which I find soooo hard to do. When I do have time i’ll do the PIIT workout but if I dont- i’ll just stretch. Just anything to keep me active.

Dang, this is a long post. Good update though! 🙂

I’ll try to just post whenever I can, I realized I don’t necessarily need this blog anymore since it has accomplished what I wanted it to do for me- which is to actually work on things I want to do.



8.6.17 July 2017

It’s only 4:50PM and I feel super tired. Mainly because of the delicious lunch I had today at Szechuan Mountain House, once I got home- I slept for two hours and feel like I need more.

Business first- I am pretty disappointed at myself for not writing the last two weeks. I have a few ideas of what to write but I just haven’t had the time to actually write. July has been a pretty busy month for me and my planner has been the most filled up i’ve ever seen it.

I started this post in July but after July passed, I needed to change it up a bit since it wasn’t super relevant in my opinion. I feel like July of 2017 will be a month that is super important to me- even if I won’t necessarily remember what happened in the future. In my 23 years, I don’t think i’ve come out of my comfort zone and tried many new things.

After my breakup with JS, I felt really unhappy with myself and needed to learn how to be okay with being by myself. I joined a volleyball league by myself, which I am enjoying even though my team isn’t great- we are improving every week. I’ve been going out more, went to my first comedy show (for a coworker!), first open mic, drank the most i’ve ever did in two weeks. I still wish that we didn’t have to drink to socialize but i am also feeling more social and more willing to do things/ less afraid to try these things.

This blog isn’t really meant for me to rant about my private life, but I am happy where I am at the moment and thought it was an important thing to chronicle. Not necessarily for whoever is reading this, but for myself. However, I’ve got some more posts coming so keep an eye out for that!  ❤


6.16.17 Boston Relaxation

Ah… Boston.

This past weekend I went to Boston to visit my brother and a few friends who were still studying there. I honestly had a great time and felt more relaxed than I have in a while. I also felt like I had a lot more planned to do in Boston than I normally do when I go visit. On Friday afternoon before my train, I had an interview and I left that feeling super happy and positive. I also stopped by the Pharmacy and I think the Pharm tech was flirting with me LOL.

I got to Boston pretty late on Friday night but I got to see one of my ex roommates and we stayed up talking and catching up- I really miss those days. I had lunch with my brother and then we did an escape room with my friends and some strangers. We got out with 10 minutes to spare! Afterwards, I did some sisterly things for him like buying him groceries. Haha.

The best takeaway from this trip to Boston I think was that I was able to get closer to a friend of 5ish years. We’ve never spent that much time together alone in the entire time we’ve known each other or even dinner together. We spent 5+ hours catching up- it was great. We ate out on the patio and the whole environment was very relaxing and made me feel super happy to be where I was right now in my life-although we talked about the bad parts of our lives right now, it wasn’t a sad vibe, and i’m ver grateful for that. I think just being in Boston also helped with because I didn’t have to think about other things that would put a damper on me trying to enjoy myself and being me (*cough* family *cough*)

I wish that I was able to see more of my friends- I was only there for one full day and I wasn’t able to see my other ex-roommate!

6.08.17 Grand St.

The Lower East Side Ecology Center had a fishing happy hour and I decided to go partly because I’ve always wanted to fish and partly to support my friend who works there.

As I was heading towards the East River, I had to walk down Grand St., and it brought back soo many memories of my elementary school years when I lived in Chinatown.

The block that the Doughnut Plant is located on feels oddly different and the same at the same time. I’m pretty sure the Doughnut Plant had expanded and swallow the store that used to be next to them. That Bialy store is still there (i’m pretty happy that they are still around!). I remember getting a Bialy in class (not sure why we were having Bialys) and just loving it-partly because I just love bread in general. I knew I picked one that had some flavor in it but I don’t remember if I could taste it or if I couldn’t taste it. Additionally, I remember going on a class trip to a pickle place to learn all about pickles! They weren’t located in the place I originally remember them being-if it’s the same guys, then I think they’ve expanded and now have a much bigger storefront but if it’s not the same guys that’s a shame.

Walking even further down Grand St. towards the East River, I passed by the Henry Street Settlement. It used to be one of those places where our school took us to often because it was so close and probably cheap (or maybe not often-my memory’s not that great). It was in there, climbing the steps of the place that my very first boyfriend (he didn’t become my boyfriend until Middle school but I had such a huge crush on him) told me to spell ICUP and taught me that childish joke. Ahh, such fond memories… lol

Past that was the first building that my elementary was in-our school shared that building with another public school and moved to another building around middle school. Those very iconic blue windows were what I’ve always sorta associated with that building and passing by it made me tear up because I just thought about how it looks pretty much the same-it still had the same blue windows. I thought about how every morning, I would pretend to go get breakfast and once I knew my family left, i’d sneak back into the auditorium to hang with my friends. All these memories just came flooding back, a time where everything seemed so simple and carefree and I was soo stupid that I thought I knew everything.

I thought of the park in Middle School where I sat with two of my friends after school. We shared fried rice together and just talked about life- general girl talk. I couldn’t remember which park it was but I knew it was one of the parks near the school.

It felt like such a long time ago-some of these memories I sort of forgot about- like the Bialys or the Pickle guys. There were still so many things that were different though, so many apartment buildings and gates that weren’t there in the past.

This experience was literally a walk down memory lane and I loved it but it did make me feel sad because of how different things have changed

Random memory while writing this:
I remember walking to school on Grand St. when I was in elementary school with my grandfather. I was young and very active so I would normally walk ahead or rather, run ahead. There was a road blocked and once day a police officer came up to me and ask me if I was alone, I said my grandfather is with me. The officer proceeded to scold my grandfather for letting me walk ahead but he obviously didn’t understand and just nodded. Thinking back it was funny but I also feel bad cause I don’t want him to get scolded.